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Three workers in orange safety vests take instruction from a person in a yellow vest.

Did DEI DIE in 2023?

As we warned a few months back, Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) job roles have steadily disappeared in 2023.  Despite corporate promises to increase DEI support back in 2020, many companies have shrunk their DEI programs this year.  According to CNBC last Friday, tech companies in particular have made major reductions.  USA Today reported Wednesday […]
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Picture of Bona Fide project manager and disability advocate Tina Tyko

Disability Employment Awareness Month: Supporting People with Disabilities

Every October, we observe Disability Employment Awareness Month, taking time to acknowledge the contributions made by individuals with disabilities to our workplaces. These contributions tell a bigger story about inclusion and the societal change that’s still needed Disability is not an obstacle to success – it is a natural part of the human experience. By […]
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five coworkers sit around desk smiling | how to deal with disability discrimination at work

How to Deal with Disability Discrimination at Work

Whether you’re sitting at a desk, standing at a machine, or maneuvering around the halls of power in Washington, you deserve to be treated fairly and equitably. But unfortunately, not all workplaces are as inclusive as they should be. If you’re dealing with disability discrimination, this blog post is intended to provide practical guidance for […]
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How to Advocate for Yourself in an Interview When You Have a Disability

Avoid Job Discrimination – How to Advocate for Yourself When You Have a Disability Navigating the job market with a disability has unique challenges. From potential biases to ensuring necessary accommodations, the journey can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, with the right tools and mindset, individuals with disabilities can confidently advocate for themselves, ensuring they’re given […]
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