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Total Facility Management
Trusted by the U.S. Government

Bona Fide is Your Complete Facility Management Solution that Gives Back to the Local Community

Bona Fide provides total Facility Management services while primarily employing people with disabilities. 

We care for your property while caring for people, giving you world-class service and giving back to the community.

At Bona Fide, we are dedicated to the belief that Everyone Matters.

Our satisfied clients include U.S. Government and commercial agencies nationwide.

Trusted By:

Our Projects:

The Sam M. Gibbons U.S Courthouse

The Sam M. Gibbons U.S. Courthouse, located in Tampa, Florida, is named after Sam Melville Gibbons, a long-serving and respected member of the United States Congress....MORE

Photo of the exterior of the carson city federal building in nevada

The Carson City Federal Building

The Carson City Federal Building in Nevada serves as a vital hub for federal operations within the region...MORE

The Robert F. Peckham Federal Building

The courthouse and office building is part of the United States District Court. It is the San Jose branch serving Santa Clara, San Benito, Santa Cruz, and Monterey Counties...MORE

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Did You Know?

The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is 2x higher than that of people without.  Our person-centered job training programs are designed to help people living with disabilities acquire useful job skills that they can take with them, or make career advancement  with us.

We currently employ over 70 people working with various significant disabilities across the United States.

We’re equipped and ready to provide your Facility Management Services where ever you are in the U.S.  and provide even more inclusive job opportunities for people in your local community.

Do People with Disabilities do Good Work?

We have received multiple awards for quality and reliability over the years from major organizations like the GSA.  We can assure you, employing people with disabilities does not reduce the quality of the results.

People working with disabilities can include all sorts of differences that may not always be obvious.  People may occasionally suffer from severe migraines, or have various mobility limitations, or vision problems.  But they are still very productive when put in the right positions.  

We’re experts at coordinating our staff to provide you world-class service while supporting an inclusive workplace.

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Dedicated Project Managers like Tina Tyko ensure that all of your facility’s needs are being met while overseeing necessary accommodations for Bona Fide staff.

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Are you looking for a partner that takes pride in your building and your community?

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When you choose Bona Fide for your facility needs, you solve problems, save money, and contribute to a program that helps people with abilities reach their goals.

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    What is Total Facilities Management?

    Facilities Management, when done well, is practically an invisible industry.  We work in the background to ensure buildings and services run safely and efficiently. We do the common things like cleaning and painting, mowing the lawn and taking out the trash.  But also provide preventative maintenance, upgrades to various building systems, and use building management software to organize it all. TFM provides a complete Facilities Management service for commercial clients, managing and maintaining office and retail environments throughout the United States.

    Facilities Management: The Benefits

    Facilities Management can help your business improve its efficiency by ensuring that your premises are properly managed. You also get a more productive working environment with advanced software and apps, compliance to all legislative requirements, and a reduced ecological footprint by properly managing your waste streams.

    Why choose TFM?

    Maintaining your building is essential. Your employees should feel safe and comfortable at work. Your business assets must be protected. Your business can spend as much as 30% on operating costs.

    You will only have to make one phone call to resolve any issue when you choose a strong FM partner. You don’t need to manage multiple contractors for different services. One account manager is all you need to manage and they will make TFM magic happen for your benefit.

    The TFM team uses management software specifically designed for this purpose. This software ensures that the correct people are at the right place at right times with the right tools and parts. Although it sounds easy, this is difficult to do in practice without the right experience.