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Bona Fide is the foremost non-profit agency dedicated to the training and employment of individuals with disabilities through the AbilityOne program.

Bona Fide provides federal and commercial cleaning and maintenance services while primarily employing people with disabilities.  Our professional services provide progressive employment opportunities and a high quality work environment. At Bona Fide, we are dedicated to the belief that ‘Everyone Matters’.

Our satisfied clients include U.S. Government and commercial agencies nationwide.

Reliable and Hardworking- with a Purpose

Total Facility Management

At Bona Fide, we do more than just provide exceptional facility maintenance. We also provide jobs to people that are often denied opportunities.

The unemployment rate for people living with disabilities is 2x higher than that of people without.  Our person-centered job training programs are designed to help people living with disabilities acquire useful job skills that they can take with them, or make career advancement  with us.

Whatever path they take, when you choose Bona Fide for your building maintenance, you support a progressive program that gives back to the community.

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Individual-Centered Program Planning

Our employees create and meet their own work goals and discover greater independence!

Self-advocacy creates independence and empowers people to find solutions to unique challenges.  When you choose  Bona Fide for your maintenance and janitorial needs, you contribute to a program that helps people with abilities reach their goals.

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