Bona Fide Conglomerate Inc.

Carson City
Federal Building

A vital hub for Federal Operations in Nevada

Project Details

A multi-purpose facility that serves a variety of federal offices and agencies.

We deliver comprehensive janitorial and custodial services that ensure the Carson City Federal Building is maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness, hygiene, and visual appeal, in line with the GSA’s requirements for federal buildings.

Our custodial team consists of professionally trained and vetted staff, including a project manager as the primary point of contact.

Staffing levels efficiently cover all areas of the building, adjusted as necessary for special events or increased building occupancy.

Services Include

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Project Location

705 N Plaza St, Carson City, NV 89701

Project Scope

Custodial and Maintenance

About the Building

The Carson City Federal Building in Nevada serves as a vital hub for federal operations within the region, playing a crucial role in the local administration of federal services and judiciary activities.

As a multi-purpose facility, the Carson City Federal Building houses a variety of federal offices and agencies. These include local branches of national agencies, including:

In addition to administrative offices, federal buildings in cities like Carson City often provide space for courtrooms and other judiciary functions. These can support the convening of federal court sessions, including bankruptcy courts, magistrate judges’ proceedings, and other federal judicial activities. The presence of these facilities underscores the building’s role in ensuring access to federal justice systems at the local level.

Federal buildings are also designed with a focus on security, accessibility, and sustainability. Managed by the General Services Administration (GSA), they adhere to strict standards to ensure they serve the public effectively while providing a safe and efficient work environment for federal employees.

The architectural style and specific features of the Carson City Federal Building can reflect both the functional needs of the facilities it houses and the local cultural and historical context. Such buildings often aim to be both aesthetically pleasing and representative of civic pride and governmental presence in the community.

As with other federal buildings, the Carson City Federal Building represents the federal government’s physical presence in Nevada, supporting the operations of the United States government and providing a range of services to the public.

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Bona Fide Conglomerate is proud to provide jobs to at least 75% of our direct service staff in partnership with the AbilityOne program.