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Total Facility Operations and Management

Operations & Maintenance

People & Environment

Technology & Innovation

Space & Infrastructure Management

Capabilities Overview:

Operations & Maintenance

Cleaning, waste management, landscaping, pest control, all held to high environmental standards. Crucial care for your health, safety, and for maintaining a pleasant environment.

People &

We maintain appropriate health and safety protocols, emergency planning and response, security measures, and accessibility accommodations to protect individuals and assets.

Technology & Innovation

Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) systems, and Energy Management Systems (EMS) aid in the efficient operation, maintenance, and energy management of the facility.

Space & Infrastructure

 We aim to optimize the use of available space for storage and maintenance tasks while ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

Pre-emptive maintenance tasks scheduled to prevent equipment failures before they occur and correct, repair or replace equipment or infrastructure when needed.

Sustainable practices promote environmental responsibility. Initiatives may include energy conservation, sustainable waste management, and indoor air quality improvement.

Protecting data and communication systems from cyber threats is crucial to prevent disruptions, protect privacy, and ensure the safety and security of all facility occupants and assets.

We ensure any modifications  meet regulatory compliance, improve functionality, or upgrade the facility’s performance. This may include refurbishments and installation of new facilities or equipment.

Total Facility Services

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All while providing socially responsible employment opportunities to people with disabilities

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"I have been consistently impressed with Bona Fide's supervision, employees, positive attitudes, communication skills, competence, contract performance and intense attention to detail. I highly recommend Bona Fide without reservations."
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Taiyee K. Coleman
Building Management Specialist, GSA