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Two facility workers in blue jackets and white hardhats work on large HVAC unit in warehouse

Streamlining Procurement: How Total Facilities Management Expedites the Process

Are you struggling with the giant jigsaw puzzle of managing a building or property? For procurement and contracting officers, who are in charge of managing services and goods, this can feel like a never-ending challenge. They have to oversee a wide range of tasks—cleaning, repairs, landscaping, safety systems, and even strategic planning.

Sounds complicated, right? Picture this: Monday morning, you’re on the phone with the cleaning company. By Tuesday, you’re speaking to the repair crew because the AC broke down. On Wednesday, you’re dealing with the landscaping team because the front lawn is overgrown. On Thursday, the safety system needs an upgrade. And Friday? Well, the list goes on. It’s exhausting just thinking about it!

Each interaction means more time, more paperwork, and more room for errors. And when things go awry? That’s a whole other ball game. Mistakes can cause your building to stop functioning properly, leading to unhappy people and a mountain of extra work.

Total Facilities Management Solutions

What’s the solution to this chaos? Enter Total Facilities Management (TFM) services, a superhero team for all your building management needs.

TFM services take all those puzzle pieces and fit them together. They’re a one-stop solution that takes care of all your facility needs. From cleaning and repairs to landscaping and safety systems, they handle it all. Even tasks like strategic planning and space management are part of the service.

Think about the simplicity. One point of contact for all your services, significantly reducing the time you spend managing each one. There’s no need to juggle different companies, schedules, or contracts. Everything is streamlined, efficient, and designed to work seamlessly.

TFM services by Bona Fide bring peace of mind, knowing that everything is under control. We employ experts in each field, ensuring every job is done right. When an issue arises, like that pesky broken AC, there’s no rush to find a repair crew—the Bona Fide service team is already on it!

The benefits don’t stop there. Opting for TFM can also save money. Consolidating your services under one provider often means better pricing. Plus, when operations run smoothly, you’re less likely to encounter costly mistakes and delays.

Giving Procurement Officers Superpowers

So, for all the procurement and contracting officers out there, TFM services might just give you the superpowers you need. They can turn the puzzle of building management into a complete, hassle-free picture. Say goodbye to the headaches of juggling multiple services and welcome a more efficient way of managing your facilities.

Socially Responsible Services

Most importantly, Bona Fide’s mission is to train, employ, and promote people working with severe disabilities.  That means that when you work with Bona Fide, you’re supporting the employment of people that face discrimination.  Social awareness and a great service!

In summary, Bona Fide’s Total Facilities Management services are like a one-stop solution. They make procurement easier, faster, and smoother. With TFM services, you can streamline the process, reduce stress, and focus on other important tasks. Say goodbye to juggling a multitude of services and hello to a more efficient way of managing your facility. That’s the power of TFM services!