Safety Training


Bona Fide emphasizes the importance of safety training and best practices in the work place. Each job site is reviewed with the utmost care to identify any and all safety risks, and a safety manual is then customized to address these risks and the precautions needed to eliminate any accidents.

Every job site has periodic safety meetings, which are conducted by the Project Manager. The following list contains various topics that are covered:

  • The Hazard Communication Policy.
  • Chemicals present in their workplace operations.
  • Physical and health effects of the hazardous chemicals.
  • Appropriate work practices and controls when using chemicals.
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment per the chemical manufacturers' recommendations to wear when handling chemicals.
  • Special training regarding the disposal of hazardous products. Under no circumstances will hazardous chemicals be disposed of down drains in an improper manner.
  • Emergency and first-aid procedures.
  • Reporting accidents.
  • How to understand label information and review an MSDS to obtain appropriate hazard data.
  • Location of the MSDS file and written hazard communications program.

Additionally, any incident reports that might have been filed within 30 days will be addressed as well as any upcoming safety concerns there may be.

Training's serve as a reminder to use best practices and as educational courses for the workplace. It also allows an avenue for open communication for Project Managers and consumers to voice any questions or concerns they may have.