Our Team

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Bona Fide- A Great Place to Work with Great People!

Employee Profiles


AbilityOne ProgramSan Jose Project Manager

Tina Tyko

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Bona Fide Employee within the AbilityOne program

Darrel Anderson

"The best job I have ever had"

Watch Darrel's video HERE

Disability jobs in the AbilityOne ProgramDavid Hunt

"We all work good together"

Watch David's Video HERE

 Bona Fide Cglm employeeIsabella Lopez

"Isabelle is my hero"

Watch Isabelle's video HERE

Bona Fide employeesSantiago Villalobos

"The most patient employee we have ever had"

Watch Santiago's video HERE

Bona Fide Conglomerate employeeKit Taylor

"He's just a true gentleman"

Watch Kit's Video HERE

Bona Fide EmployeesNoel Sanchez

"We help each other out"

Watch Noel's video HERE




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