Mission and Goals


  • Bona Fide is the foremost non-profit agency dedicated to the training and employment of those with disabilities through the Ability One program.
  • Bona Fide provides a supportive atmosphere for people with disabilities who seek progressive employment opportunities and a high quality of work environment. At Bona Fide, we are dedicated to the belief that ‘Everyone Matters’.
  • Working within the Ability One program, Bona Fide is the only non-profit agency that has demonstrated a consistent commitment to quality.  Bona Fide is the only AbilityOne contractor that has been awarded 100% previously infirm contracts and made them thrive.
  • Bona Fide believes in honesty, reliability and integrity.  Every human has equal value and worth, and everyone is entitled to a high quality of life.
  • Our #1 goal is to serve disabled individuals to allow them to build independence. By offering supportive employment opportunities, providing adequate training, assistance and care, we aim to help individuals build confidence and eliminate employment barriers.

You can learn about some of our amazing employees by clicking HERE