Individual Centered Program Planning


Bona Fide's Individual-Centered Program was developed with personalization in mind. Each consumer can shape services to fit their individual goals and aspirations.  Our caring and knowledgeable staff guides clients by identifying their employment goals, researching employment options in relation to existing job markets, assessing prior work experiences and performance, and cultivating guided action plans in the pursuit of independent employment retention.

Bona Fide's Individual Centered Program is a plan that combines analysis of collateral information and reports relating to prior work experience and performance and continuing employment goals with an  agreed upon criteria to measure success. In essence, all of our consumers make an agreement with themselves during the intake process.

Through this individual program plan, consumers can clearly identify , seek and work towards their employment goals. With the customized plan each consumer is equipped with the mental tools needed to prepare oneself for successfully obtaining gainful employment and reaching their highest potential.