Advocacy & Self Advocacy


Bona Fide's Supported Employment Program is custom fit to meet the special needs of each client. This includes promoting awareness and developing resources for persons with disabilities.

At Bona Fide, we believe in building strong roots within the community. Bona Fide seeks to work with local businesses, state and federal organizations, community leaders, educational institutions, and policymakers in order to generate more employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

View U.S. Department of Education publication on disability employment

Self Advocacy

Bona Fide’s Individual-Centered Program Plan empowers employees to establish their own employment goals. The program is developed to encourage our staff to develop goals that they feel challenged by, not overwhelmed. Bona Fide's program also utilizes strategies that build confidence in the work place and facilitate the progress toward independent employment retention.

Our Supported Employment Program are encourages individuals of all circumstances to recognize the strength of their own voices. During the intake and orientation process, Bona Fide's staff are provided with an employee handbook which outlines their rights and responsibilities within the program. Employers in partnership with Bona Fide must also provide information on rights and responsibilities in the workplace.